Electrified since 1893

In 2019, Porsche presented the Porsche Taycan to the public, in a worldwide event.  The Porsche Taycan is the first full electrical car in the Porsche model range nowadays. But, and that may surprise many, the history of Porsche started with electricity. At the age of 18, the young Ferdinand Porsche installed an electrical lighting system in his parents house. Consider it a first step, in the electried history of Porsche. 

Just a few years later, in 1900, the Lohner Porsche,   was presented in Paris. The Lohner Porsche was an electric car, in which each front wheel was activated by an electric engine located in the centre of the wheel hubs. That same year, the Lohner Porsche made an evolution into a hybrid car. 

The brandnew book in the “Edition Porsche Museum” describes in short the complete history of the electric mobility of Porsche. A history that started back in 1893, and took a new start in 2010 after years of standstill. Just as in the other books of the “Edition Porsche Museum” series, this book is a good guideline to travel through the electrified history of Porsche. In short stories, the book explains the most important mile-points in that history.  All stories are illustrated with numerous pictures and illustrations, directly from the huge company picture archives. 

“Electried” since 1893″ give a concise overview of Porsche history and steps towards the full electric car the Porsche Taycan is nowadays. Don’t expect to be an expert after reading the book. But you’ll definitely have a great insight in the evolution of Porsche’s electrified history.  So yes we advise to give it a go, you’ll learn a lot.

The book is available at Motorbuch Verlag or in the Porsche Museum Shop

Available in both German and English. 

Electrified Book Cover Electrified
Edition Porsche Museum
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180 pages