Porsche Traktoren by Ulf Kaack

Porsche Traktoren by Ulf Kaack


Schlepper von geballter Kraft

There was a time when people didn’t realise Porsche has a much longer tradition with diesel powered engines than when they first brought the Porsche Cayenne Diesel to the market. Some of the self-declared Porsche purists even stated that no true Porsche would ever be powered by a diesel. Well, they’re wrong. Completely wrong.

Even long before the idea of a SUV style vehicle came in mind of the designers,  Porsche had experience with diesel engines.  In 1937 the Porsche design office was ordered by the German government to design a ‘Volksschlepper’.  A prototype, the Typ 110 was designed and built, but the outbreak of World War II forced Porsche to stow away the plans in a drawer. In 1950, Allgaier dug up the plans of Porsche and started building the AP 17, with lots of succes.

When Allgaier stopped production in 1956, the Mannesman concern started the Porsche Diesel GmbH in Friedrichshafen-Manzell. Millions were invested in the building and modernisation of the plant. More and more types of tractors were offered to the market. However, in the early sixties sales dropped because of market saturation. Porsche Diesel GmbH stopped business Juli 15th 1963. The end of an era.

Ulf Kaack is an author with a strong interest in anything that drives, floats and flies. Because of the importance of the Porsche Diesel construction company to the after World War II economy, he thought the world should know about a part of history that many seemed to have forgotten. In this book, Uwe Kaack tells the complete story of the Porsche tractors in a chronological way.  Illustrated with numerous pictures and drawings this book is definitely a good source  of information when you want to know more about the history of Porsche in general, or the Porsche Diesel more particularly. It is not what one would say a complete reference work, but nevertheless a great addition to the library of any Porsche aficionado.


Author : Ulf Kaack
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : Hardcover , 112 pages, 56 color pictures , 90 b/w pictures
ISBN : 978-3-667-10692-6

Porsche Traktoren Book Cover Porsche Traktoren
Ulf Kaack
Delius Klasing
July 18, 2016