“Porsche – Origin of the Species” by Karl Ludvigsen

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Karl Ludvigsen is probably the best-known author when it comes to books on the history of Porsche. Jerry Seinfeld is next to his career as an actorprobably the best-known collectors of Porsches, owning an absolutely stunning collection of cars, including some of which really wrote history.

In this book, Ludvigsen uses one of the cornerstones of Seinfelds Porsche collection, the Gmund 356/2-040 as in inspiration for an indepth exploration into the specific influences and circumstances that brought forth the first Porsche-badged sports cars. The book is not a list of chronological stories to make the history of Porsche clear. It studies the influences that led to the creation of the very first Porsches.

How on earth did Porsche end up building cars in a sawmill in Gmund, Austria? Did the designs and constructions of the old professor during WWII influence the existence of the Porsche 356? Why does a 356 look like a 356? Why this particular shape? The author tackles these and much more questions that may live among many Porsche aficionados, and were never thoroughly answered before.

Ludvigsen studied untouched resources of information like the diaries of Ghislaine Kaes, professor Porsche’s nephew. He even went through piles of Porsche archive documents, never studied before.Seinfeld’s 356/2-040 that’s neither the oldest, nor the first Porsche is probably the best unrestored early car in existence, making it the best car for the cover-photo.

Ludvigsens elaborate work has been rewarded with numerous awards

    • Winner of the Best of Books award at the 22nd International Automotive Media Competition
    • Winner of the Gold Medal for Book Writing – History, Single Marque or Manufacturer at the 22nd International Automotive Media Competition
    • Winner of the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best History Book from the Independent Book Publishers Association
        Winner of Best in Category – General Trade, Illustrated award at the 2013 New England Book Show

      • Winner of the 2012 Dean Batchelor Award for outstanding achievement in automotive journalism from the Motor Press Guild
      • Winner of the 2012 Best Book of the Year from the Motor Press Guild

Details English Version

Author : Karl Ludvigsen
Publisher : Bentley Publishers
Language English
Pages : 356 pages ,436 photos and illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1331-4

Details German Version

Author : Karl Ludvigsen
Language : German
Pages : 328, 219 b/w pictures , lots of color pictures / drawings , maps and tables
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3863-4


Porsche - Origin of the Species Book Cover Porsche - Origin of the Species
Karl E. Ludvigsen