Spoil yourself in 2021 with the ‘Aircooled forever’ calendar

Air-cooled Forever 2021 : a great calendar

I presume all of us want to forget about 2020 as soon as possible. Berlin Motor Books provides us an ideal way to leave 2020 behind us with their brand-new “Air-cooled forever 2021” calendar.  Porsche produced air-cooled Porsche 911s from 1965 to 1998. No less than 4 different model series of the Porsche 911 left the factory in that period. Each series has its own particularities, and each series has some types that became a true collector’s item.  The ‘Air-cooled forever 2021’  calendar makes sure you will have the company of a great Porsche 911 throughout all days of 2021.

Air-cooled Forever 2021
911 Turbo Carrera

With the ‘Aircooled Forever 2021’ calendar on your wall, another air-cooled Porche 911 waits for you every month. Each car is pictured in a professional way, in a different situation and background. There is no way you won’t like the photographs. As far as I know, none of these pictures has ever been published before. And with the Porsche 911 Carrera RS with Jürgen Barth at the wheel, or the Porsche 911 WTL Speedster driven by Walter Röhrl, you even get some action shots that will make you happy for sure. 

Air-cooled Forever 2021
911 Carrera RS Jürgen Barth


With “Air-cooled Forever 2021”, Berlin Motor Books proves that calendars are not out fashioned at all. On the contrary, this calendar will bring a big smile on your face and that of your visitors. Priced at 34,80€, the “Air-cooled Forever 2021” calendar brings joy to 2021 in a very affordable way with a great picture of an air-cooled Porsche 911 every month.  The calendar is printed in a high-quality landscape format 59.4cm x 42cm and comes in a sturdy shipping box. You can order this Porsche calendar for the year 2021 exclusively from the publisher Berlin Motor Books.

Pictures courtesy Berlin Motor Books.