Born :May 8 1922
Deceased : December 7 1974

Biography Robert Buchet

Robert Buchet was one of the most eye-catching race drivers France ever had. French race and rally history from the 50s and early 60s would have been nothing without Robert Buchet. In the early 50s, Robert Buchet drives rallies with Simca and Renault. Numerous victories are his part. However, he than leaves the French car manufacturers for what is it, and just as his good friend August Veuillet, he turns his head towards Porsche. 

Teaming up with Claude Storez, Robert Buchet writes history in the Europan Rally championships. Together with Claude Storez, he wins the 1957  Liege – Rome – Liege rally in a Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster. After the tragical death of Claude Storez in 1959 in Reims, Robert Buchet continues racing Porsches, together with good friends Paul-Ernst Strähle and Herbert Linge. In 1959 Robert Buchet wins the Liege – Rome – Liege again , now teaming up with Paul Ernst Strähle in a Porsche 356 Carrera.

In 1967 Robert Buchet and Hans Herrmann join forces in the Reims 12H. It turns out to be a good combination as they cross the finish line in 1st position. One year later, the 1968 Le Mans 24H is Robert Buchet’s last great race, together with Herbert Linge in a Porsche 907 factory car. 1969 Buchet crashes in a local rally, and that’s for him the trigger to stop racing. In the meantime, Robert Buchet built up his Porsche dealership in Poitiers, France. Even though he isn’t racing himself at that time, Robert Buchet cannot without and he maintains Porsche race cars in his workshop. In 1973 his own team with driver Claude Ballot-Lena wins the European GT Championship. 

December 7 1974, Robert Buchet dies in a fatal car crash.