RWB is an ideology born from grass-roots racing in Japan. Led by Akira Nakai this ideology has grown into a world-wide movement in the automotive design and tuning culture. Akira Nakai works in a small workshop in the outskirts of Tokyo since decades. He turns Porsches into challenging and sometimes brutal and rude one-offs.

In Australia, the Rauh-Welt movement is grown into a team of skilled car building craftsmen under the leadership of Chern Wong. In this book – RWB Life after birth, Chern Wong makes clear what it takes to convert a standard Porsche into a RWB Porsche. Dozens and dozens of pictures show the transformation of a standard black Porsche 911 Turbo into a pink Porsche 911 designed by Rauh-Welt Australia that participated in the World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney.

Not the book with the most technical details, or thousands of words. The pictures say it all, a great coffee table book to enlighten the dark and cold winter evenings.


Author : Chern Wong
Publisher : Rauh-Welt Australia
Language : English
Pages : 300 with over 200 high quality pictures

Hardcover and Limited Edition of 930 copies.

RWB - Life after birth Book Cover RWB - Life after birth
Chern Wong
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