Sven Muller celebrates 7th in a row

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Race 9, Norisring

On the Norisring in Nuremberg, Porsche Junior Sven Müller (Konrad Motorsport) continues his winning streak in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. At the ninth championship round on Saturday, the 24-year-old German netted his seventh victory. Porsche Junior Dennis Olsen (N/Team Lechner Huber Racing) came second with Christian Engelhart (D/MRS GT-Racing) finishing in third. “What a great race. At times I was turning laps almost as fast as my qualifying laps. Now I have seven wins to my credit. Seven is also my starting number and my lucky number, as well” said an overjoyed Müller.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland at the Norisring
Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland at the Norisring

Already in qualifying in summer temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius, the turquoise Porsche 911 GT3 Cup run by Konrad Motorsport posted pole position twice. For Saturday’s and Sunday’s race, he managed the top time. When the lights went off on Saturday, Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Team Lechner Huber Racing) on the second grid spot attempted to pull alongside Müller. But Müller won the sprint to the first corner and refused to relinquish his lead over the next 27 laps to the flag. Behind him Olsen managed to squeeze past Schmidt. “I started from third and I definitely did not want to finish on third. At the start I was alongside Jeffrey and Sven and could move into second place. This was my first time on the Norisring but I already love it: It’s narrow and bumpy and it’s exciting to race on,” explained Olsen.

Svem Muller at the Norisring
Sven Müller at the Norisring

Over the first eleven laps the order of the top three was Müller, Olsen, Schmidt. But in the twelfth lap, Schmidt touched the wall and was sidelined shortly afterwards. Nick Foster (AUS/KÜS Team75 Bernhard) profited from this mishap and was on course for a podium spot. But the Australian’s luck was short-lived: when the 24-year-old left the racing line by a few metres, Engelhart grabbed his chance and overtook. Engelhart seemed pleased with his race result: “After the first lap I was running fifth, but I worked my way up the field. This is the first time I’ve climbed the podium at the Norisring and I’d be happy to do it again. Sunday marks the 150th Carrera Cup race for my MRS team. A podium result would be a wonderful gift.”

Denis Olsen
Dennis Olsen

Behind Müller, Olsen and Engelhart, Foster secured valuable points for fourth place. The champion of the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia was supported in the pits by none other than the World Endurance Champion Timo Bernhard, who took the helm of the KÜS Team75 Bernhard for the Norisring weekend. With fifth place, Britain’s Ryan Cullen (Konrad Motorsport) scored his best result in his maiden Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland season. Sixth place went to David Kolkmann (D/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1).

In the overall standings, Müller ranks first after earning 161 points with seven wins from nine races. With 149 points, Engelhart sits second with one victory and consistently good placings. Olsen is on third as the best rookie with 136 points. In the B-category Wolfgang Triller (D/Team Huber Lechner Racing) is following in Müller’s footsteps: The Bavarian has also established himself as a serial winner, yielding seven wins to lead the amateur classification. In the team category, Konrad Motorsport has extended its lead and now ranks first with 252 points ahead of Lechner Huber Racing (227).

Race ten on Sunday takes off at 15.55 hours on the Norisring in Nuremberg.

The podium at the Norisring
The podium at the Norisring ( l-r Dennis Olsen – Sven Müller – Christian Engelhart )

Result race 9:
1. Sven Müller (D/Konrad Motorsport)
2. Dennis Olsen (N/Team Lechner Huber Racing)
3. Christian Engelhart (D/MRS GT-Racing)
4. Nick Foster (AUS/KÜS Team75 Bernhard)
5. Ryan Cullen (GB/Konrad Motorsport)
6. David Kolkmann (D/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
7. Marek Böckmann (D/KÜS Team75 Bernhard)
8. Wolfgang Triller (D/Team Huber Lechner Racing)
9. Wolf Nathan (NL/Team Huber Lechner Racing)
10. Ronald van de Laar (NL/Konrad Motorsport)
11. Ricardo Flores Ramirez (PE/MRS GT-Racing)
12. Luca Rettenbacher (A/Konrad Motorsport)
Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Team Lechner Huber Racing)
Nicholas Yelloly (GB/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)

Points’ standings after 9 of 16 races:
Driver classification
1. Sven Müller (D/Konrad Motorsport), 161 points
2. Christian Engelhart (D/MRS GT-Racing), 149 points
3. Dennis Olsen (N/Team Lechner Huber Racing), 136 points

Rookie classification
1. Dennis Olsen (N/Team Lechner Huber Racing), 136 points
2. Luca Rettenbacher (A/Konrad Motorsport), 93 points
3. David Kolkmann (D/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), 88 points

Amateur classification
1. Wolfgang Triller (D/Team Huber Lechner Racing), 176 points
2. Wolf Nathan (NL/Team Huber Lechner Racing), 124 points
3. Ricardo Flores Ramirez (PE/MRS GT-Racing), 120 points e

Team classification
1. Konrad Motorsport, 252 points
2. Team Lechner Huber Racing, 227 points
3. MRS GT-Racing, 189 points