Spa Classic, the day before the action starts.

Tomorrow the Spa Classic will get in the starting blocks officially. And as you could read previously in our preview of the event, it promises to be good. But you can imagine, we couldn’t control our curiosity. So we went to the track to satisfy our appetite for classic race cars.

Spa Classic Unloading the trucks
Unloading the trucks

It was coming and going of trucks and trailers. Mechanics and crew members started unloading cars and materials. The tents slowly get filled up. everyone is running from here to there, it looks like an anthill. Even the most ignorant must confess: this is controlled chaos. And the crazy thing is, everyone seems to like it.

Porsche 956-101 being prepared for the track
Porsche 956-101 being prepared for the track

The purest race activity took place in the pits. Peter Auto has had a Group C racing series for a few years. These cars are not the easiest to race. They need quite some preparation before they get on the track. Mechanics were busy setting the cars up, and pretty sure they need a few more hours at the moment of writing.


Spa Classic Porsche 904
2 Porsche 904s… one covered and sleeping, the other ready for action

There are always some pretty rare birds on the track when the Peter Auto circus strikes down. Some of them are the usual suspects, but sometimes one is pretty surprised to see one. We already knew from the Porsche 917K of Claudio Roddaro on the entry list.

Porsche 550-028

Porsche 550-028
Porsche 550-028

But to our great surprise, we spotted Porsche 550-028 too. The owner told us he had a test day at the Hockenheimring and suffered some cooling problems. So they added an oil cooler, and they would get on the track tomorrow for some tests. No competition racing, just testing. The real action for this rare bird ,  one of two Porsche 550 spyders ordered for the Swiss racing team, hence the colors. In May 1955, the spyder was entered into the Hockenheim Rhein Cup Race and also the Eifel Race at the Nurburgring finishing 5th. Furthermore it competed in several races and hillclimbs in Switzerland. And for the literature collectors, this particular car was the once pictured on the black and white photo in the Porsche 550 instruction manual.


Picture gallery of Spa Classic Thursday

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