Spice up your wall with one of these 2021 calendars

Love for Porsche – Liebe zu Ihm Calendars

We are completely independent and self-funding. And you can help keeping this website up by bying one of the calendars produced by Love for Porsche – Liebe zu Ihm. Right now, 3 different 2021 calendars are available.
One calendar is dedicated to the Porsche 917 with 12 great action shots taken by our photographers at a race-track somewhere on the globe, or stills at shows or events. Another calendar brings you shots of Porsche race-cars, once again in full action, at a museum or show. The last calendar has cars that we pictured during one of our visits to the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen.  No matter which calendar you prefer, they all breath the passion and Love for Porsche. And they’ll definitely bring you a year long cheer an joy. All you have to do is go visit the shop and order your calendars.  And you can take advantage of a 50% discount using the discount code CYBERW until December 4th. 

Porsche Calendar 2021 “Icons of Speed”

2021 calendarSome of the most prestigious racing cars in Porsche motorsport history are shown in the new Porsche Calendar 2021 “Icons of Speed”. The selected cars are designed to get the best performance out of every fraction of a second. In addition, they stand out for their iconic designs and colours. The Porsche Calendar 2021 ‘Icons Of Speed’ is perfect for the Porsche and Motorsport enthusiast, young and old. History and modern technology are close to each other on this calendar in a fascinating design. All cars are visualised on famous race tracks or in the heart of Porsche Motorsport in Flacht. The calendar also contains the popular collector’s coin, which shows the Porsche 917 KH from 1971. The overall winner of Le Mans celebrates his 50th birthday in 2021. The calendar is availaible at your local Porsche dealer or via www.porsche.com/shop.

Aircooled forever Calendar

Air-cooled forever 2021
Air-cooled Forever 2021 : a great calendar

Porsche produced air-cooled Porsche 911s from 1965 to 1998. No less than 4 different model series of the Porsche 911 left the factory in that period. Each series has its own particularities, and each series has some types that became a true collector’s item.  The ‘Air-cooled forever 2021’  calendar makes sure you will have the company of a great Porsche 911 throughout all days of 2021.  Read all about the Air-cooled Forever calendar, published by Berlin Motor Books, our review

Motorsport Classic 2021 Calendar

The Motorsport Classic 2021 calendar features the roads and circuits of the World that are still famous today including the “green hell” of the Eifel, the high speed of Monza, or the varying conditions in the Maritime Alps above Monte Carlo. Experience the heroes of yesteryear – Jochen Rindt, Walter Röhrl, Dan Gurney and John Surtees, for example, at the focal points of their careers. 24 large format pictures give you a choice of 2 pictures per month. One page has informative captions of all pictures.  You can order the Motorsport Classic 2021 calendar at McKlein Publishing