Start preparing your visit to the LA Lit and Toy show and Porsche weekend

Preview LA Lit and Toy Show and Porsche weekend in Los Angeles

About one more week to go, and a crowd of Porsche enthusiasts will take over the Los Angeles Area. It is that time of the year again. The high mass for many Porsche fans will take place again. The annual LA Lit and Toy show started 37 years ago. By now, it has grown out into a weekend that’s filled with open houses and activities that start on Wednesday morning and ends on Monday. And you’ll beter make a good time schedule, as it won’t be easy to visit all of them. No difference with previous years, the Hilton LAX will be the base camp for many of the Porsche fans during their stay in LA for the LA lit and Toy Show. 

Just as last year, the organization has bus tours, that will visit open houses from Thursday on to Saturday.  The bus tours make a stop at shops that open their doors to welcome the visitors. As we told before, it is impossible to visit all of the open houses, so you’ll have to make a choice what shops you want to visit. Saturday, after the main event, there is a bus tour to the Petersen Automotive Museum and further to Rod Emory’s shop. Take a look at the LA Lit and Toy Show website to find more information about the shop tours. You’ll find a direct number you can call to book your spot on the busses in advance too.

LA Lit Show 2019 – John Willhoit

Events and open houses during the LA Lit and Toy Show Weekend

It all takes off on Wednesday with a workshop at Autobody TIG Welding.. As far as I know, this is the first time this shop hosts an event on the occasion of the LA Lit and Toy Show. And as you understand, a welding workshop is for the more experienced enthusiasts, even though Autobody TIG Weldings claim to aim their workshop on beginners too.

Thursday, you have a larger choice. The open house of Sierra Madre Collection’s Warehouse is an event you don’t want to miss, just as the California Porsche Restorations Open House. Keep in mind you’ll have to wake up early to do both, as CPR is located in Fallbrook, a 2H drive of the base camp. Further events on Thursday include Justice Private Automotive Collection, Wholesale California Restorations Open House and Garage Sale, John Esposito Porsche Restoration and LA Dismantler where Sara Porsche Dakarmen will be pleased to welcome you.

LA Lit Show 2019 – Nicolas Hunziker

What to do  on Friday

On Friday there is a wide choice too. How about a visit to Nicolas Hunziker’s workshop to enjoy his artwork. You’ll be able to take a look at the Racing & Recipes cookbook by Jürgen Barth at Hunziker’s place too. Combine that with a visit to the renovated workshop of Callas Rennsport. I’m sure you’ll be surprised about the cars you’ll see there. And maybe you’ll be right in time to attend a mini tech session. The main crowd will head to John Willhoit’s place in Long Beach. And again, you won’t be disappointed. Next to the amazing cars you’ll see, you’ll meet a  bunch of enthusiasts, and enjoy a delicous German lunch. Further events to visit on Friday include LA Dismantlers open house, California Porsche Restorations, Pelican Parts Open House, Porsche South Bay Classic Partner, the parts shop, Period Correct, Klasse 356 Parts and Auto Kennel.

LA Lit and Toy Show 2019 - European Collectibles
European Collectibles Open House

The main event and Sunday

On Saturday you’ll have a busy schedule. Main event is ofcourse the LA Lit and Toy Show in the ballsrooms of the Hilton LAX. Just as the previous years, early birds can enter the show as soon as 7am.  So prepare yourself to get up early. After the show you have a choice again. Or you drive south to visit the European Collectibles open house. Next door you have the opportunity to visit Jim Liberty’s shop. Don’t forget to jump in the Carparc Usa LLC shop,  just one block away. You might choose to visit Rod Emory’s shop on Saturday afternoon too.  Sunday morning, Anaheim will be the place to be. The Phoenix Club hosts the annual So Cal All-Porsche Swap and Car Display. Most of the visitors head home on Sunday. But keep in mind that you can visit LA Dismantlers on Monday too. 

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