Sternfahrt – Sterrenrit – Star Ride 2019

The Star Ride is an initiative of Annik Paquay and Guy Flener ( presidents of  Drive for Miles® and Ingo and Sonja Rübener, the organizers of the biggest Porsche Meeting in Europe. Yes, the Porsche Meeting that always takes place on the 1st of May at the Hippodrome in Dinslaken (Germany) is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. 

In the morning of 1st May, 4 convoys will leave at the same time in 4 different cities (Brussels, Francorchamps/Liege, Luxemburg, and Bonn). Each car will have a child diagnosed with cancer as a passenger.  You can understand this will bring some joy to the life of the kids and give them a day to remember. The kids can be accompanied by another person, preferably a brother or sister, or best friend. Only Porsches are allowed to participate. Taking part in this unique event is completely free.
To participate in the Star Ride, the only thing you have to do is
1) subscribe to the event by sending a confirmation email to, mentioning first and last name, email, mobile number, the type of Porsche, and the number of places available for kids.
2) pay an entrance fee of 30 Eur to https://porschefreunde-1mai. An entry badge will be sent to you by regular mail.  Subscriptions will close end of April.

What has the Porsche meeting in Dinslaken to offer?

Dinslaken Sternfahrt 2019
Map of the Dinslaken Racecourse (Click to enlarge)
  • All Porsche will enter via Heinrich-Notebaum Street and complete a tour of the racecourse before taking their reserved place on the grass (very nice procession and possibility to see each Porsche arrive)
  • “the battle of sound”: the biggest vroom-vroom will win (decibels at the origin of the loudest exhaust pipe). Will this be an outdoor Porsche Sound Nacht?
  • exhibition of Hans Truöl’s famous black and white photos. About 90.000 photos in stock of Porsche only, taken by the photographer Hans Truöl while accompanying Ferry Porsche on its travels, stock made available by his nephew Mr. Schaffara.
  • shopping galleries of rare parts and accessories, classic Porsche collectibles
  • Mainly the latest realizations of “Porsche Custom” made by specialized garages such as AP CAR DESIGN in Göttingen.
  • Parade of Porsche tractors on the racecourse

This will be a unique opportunity to both enjoy your Porsche, meet thousands of other Porschists and above all: put the children on a pedestal.  You better join.

We only support the organizations Drive for Miles® or Porschefreunde 1st May but are not affiliated to them.