The 9th. International Porsche Collectors Day was a big hit.

For those who are bitten by the Porsche collecting bug, last Sunday was nothing but a heyday. A Porsche fan could not imagine spending his Sunday in a better place last Sunday, as in the Porsche Classic Center Gelderland in the Netherlands.  Mark Wegh, owner of the Porsche Center Gelderland,  and Henk Koop, president of the Porsche Model Club Europe had their annual Porsche Collectors Day, the 9th edition yet. And there’s only one way to describe it.. a huge success, and a big hit. 

What a welcome… Mark Wegh’s personal Porsche 550 Spyder

Walking into a Porsche dealership is always big fun. However last Sunday it was a bit different at Porsche Classic Center Gelderland. Dozens of cars could be admired outside, and parked on the street. But in contradiction to the usual classic Porsches inside, last Sunday the premises were filled with tables, all piled up with books, brochures, miniatures, memorabilia, magazines, pins, press kits, pictures,…. name it and you could find it. 

The organizers claim to be the biggest show of its kind in the Porsche world. The tables of all exhibitors together spanned a length of approximately 425 meters, turning the showroom and workshop of the Porsche Classic Center into the biggest Porsche Swap Meet one could wish for.  Even early in the morning, people walked in, and it really turned busy after the end of the F1 race in Melbourne, proving that many Porsche fans in the Netherlands wanted to see Max Verstappen win. In total, over 2200 visitors spend a day among friends and Porsche passionates.

Books, press kits, magazines, literature

Next to exhibitors from all over Europe, mainly the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the visitors originated from even further. Mark Wegh told me one of his American customers, who was on a visit in Europe, showed up at the show, to his great surprise. A Porsche Club from France made a tour in Belgium and the Netherlands and combined the drive with visits to major Porsche Collections, and a nice day at the International Porsche Collectors Day. And at the end of the day, one could notice big smiles on all faces. A day like Porsche Collectors Day is of course about treasure hunting, and trying to find the missing gem. But above all, it is about friendship, and catching up with people with the same passion.

Some artwork by Jeff Gamble for sale by one of the worlds major Porsche literature collectors

We are looking forward to the 10th edition of Porsche Collectors Day. And just in case you got curious,  don’t forget to mark November 18 in your agenda for the other large likewise event: the Strähle Swap Meet in Fellbach Germany which is in the backyard of the Porsche Museum.

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