The LA Lit and Toy Show 2019

A paradise for Porsche literature, toys and memorabilia collectors.

I am convinced that the dates of very few shows are written down in agendas as early as the date of the LA Lit and Toy Show.  Among Porsche fans, the annual  LA Lit and Toy Show is seen as one of the must-be events. And there is a good reason for that. For way over 35 years, the event has grown and reached a level by now that is hard to be matched. From all over the world, thousands of Porsche enthusiasts come to Los Angeles to be part of a big Porsche party weekend, with the event in the Hilton LAX as the main event. But even after some days of visiting open houses, there’s no time for rest.

LA Lit and Toy Show 2019
Early Porsche Christophorus magazines

It is always hard to predict what one will see at a show like this. You know for sure you’ll see stuff pop up you didn’t even know about. And unfortunately, many of the stuff you see will probably be way out of your budget too. 2 huge ballrooms in the LA Lit and Toy Show are completely filled with literature, toys, memorabilia, and parts. Early in the morning, the vendors show up to build up the tables. At that same moment, you’ll notice the early bird shoppers show up too. The early bird catches the worm, as you know. And that’s nothing else here.

Among the vendors this year you could find the usual suspects: Tony Singer who’s the best source for rare automotive posters, Frank Barret with some great out-of-print Porsche books and posters, Bill Block Books for most recent books and of course Andersen Collectibles with the best literature and memorabilia you can imagine. But ofcourse, there’s so much more. Many individuals sell some of their stuff too. Hundreds of tables to search through. And of course, don’t forget to catch up with old and new friends. 

Picture Gallery 2019 LA Lit and Toy Show

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography