A pictorial review and the complete video of the Porsche Sound Night “Next Level”

September 18, 2021, fans from all over the world were able to listen to Porsche’s engine sound for the first time from Stuttgart via live stream. The first digital Porsche Sound Night “Next Level” was a festival of special audio examples from Porsche’s history. Former and active racing drivers and racing engineers as well as contemporary witnesses presented highlights from Porsche’s motorsport history during this two-hour event. They enriched the sound spectacle with impressions from series development as well as today’s electrically powered race cars. 

The Porsche Sound Night has a strong tradition. It started as a rather small event, and grew in just a few years to an event that sold out in minutes. The last edition in 2018 was an absolute masterpiece. We have been wondering how Porsche could surpass that level. Obviously the cars are the main players on stage, but there is no Porsche Sound Night possible without the presence of the people that created and drove the cars.

Norbert Singer, Valentin Schäfer, Mark Lieb, Pascal Wehrlein and Hans-Joachim Stück are just some of the guys that you will hear. 

To warm-up, we encourage you to flip through the picture gallery. And as soon as the warm-up is over, you can start the video and find out yourself whether Porsche managed to surpass the standard they had set in the last live edition of the Porsche Sound Night.

Here’s the complete recording as you can find it on youtube

Edited Porsche Factory Press Release
Pictures courtesy Porsche AG