The Sound of the Racetrack. The Porsche Design 911 Soundbar.

911 Soundbar by Porsche Design

No need to tell the sound of a Porsche flat-6 engine is legendary. Many enthusiasts gained interest in Porsche first because of the incredible good sound the Porsche engines produced. For decades now, that sound has been very important to the Porsche management, hiring sound engineers to make sure modern engines still have a very recognisable Porsche Sound. Ofcourse the exhaust of a car is a very important part in that sound.

Porsche Design now used an original Porsche GT3 exhaust to be the main part of a soundbar.
Converted from the original silencer and twin exhaust of a 911 GT3 the Porsche Design 911 Soundbar delivers 200 watts of performance, DTS TruSurround for a vivid music and sound experience. Next to that it has integrated Bluetooth technology making wireless connection with your phone or tablet possible.

Price for this piece of art is €2.900. Available in the Porsche Design Shops.