Celebrating 111 Years Reutter Coach Company with a Porsche 356 model

Reutter Company celebrates 111th anniversary with a bronze Porsche 356 model

To celebrate the 111th anniversary of the Reutter Coach Company (1906 -2017), Erlkönig Classic decided to have a limited production of a handcrafted bronze model of the legendary Porsche 356.  In the 1950’s some sterling silver Porsche 356 models were produced by the Porsche factory to honour the business or sportive achievements of certain people. Some of the people that received one of these silver models were the Austrian racer Otto Mathé, the Porsche importer of the USA Max Hofmann, or  one of the first Porsche employees that turned out to be an excellent racer too : Herbert Linge. Nowadays these original silver Porsche 356 models are very collectible and get high prices whenever one is auctioned.

It is this highly collectible silver model Porsche 356 that was the inspiration for Erlkönig Classic to produce the bronze model Porsche 356 with bronze silver finish. The model weighs nearly 4 KG – 9 pounds and measures 35 cm (one foot) It comes in a numbered, hand made wooden box, with a Reutter shop towel and a matching branded car cover. All models are numbered xxx/111. There is no doubt this model will be sold out soon. It will be a future collectible for sure, exactly as the original from the 50s. 

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111th anniversary Reutter Coach Company bronze Porsche 356 model