So Cal All-Porsche Swap and Car Display 2017

So Cal All-Porsche Swap and Car Display

At Sunrise Sunday morning, there’s a lot of activity at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Actually,  that’s not very spectacular news. Since years, the 356 Club hosts it’s annual So Cal All-Porsche Swap and Display here, the day after the LA Lit and Toy Show. And nothing else this year.  After the main event in the Hilton LAX on Saturday, and many open house visits the days before, this is the last Porsche event in an action packed LA Lit Show Weekend.

Both vendors and visitors gather at the gate of the Phoenix Club early in de morning. Soon the complete premises is crowded with hundreds of people. Vendors unloading their parts, visitors crawling through numerous boxes and throwing eagle eyes over the tables to find the gem they’ve been looking for…  In the tent, there’s lots of familiar faces, with some of the vendors at the LA Lit Show returning here to give visitors another chance to buy.  Outside, dozens of Porsches from all ages arrive and are parked all over the area. Name a car, and you’ll probably find it at the So Cal All-Porsche Swap and Car Display. From the early Porsche 356 to the brandnew Porsche 991. Concourse edition car’s or daily drivers. This is definitely an event that brings passionate people together.

Wherever you go, you see peopling chatting, grabbing a beer, or enjoying a German bratwurst. Nothing but happy people. Isn’t that what this event is all about. We’re looking forward to our visit in 2018. Hope to see you there too.

So Cal All-Porsche Swap and Car Display

Pictures Vintage Race Photography & Carl Douglas

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