1st VW + Porsche Classic Day, Sion (Switzerland)

Sion_VW_Porsche_016Sunday, september 16th, Sion hosted the 1st meeting dedicated tovintage Porsche (until 1973) and vintage Volkswagen (until 1967). Withthis international meeting with participants from all over Europe(from Great-Britain, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain…), theorganizers, Bernard Moix and Joe Esteve, wanted to honor PorscheFamily’s creative genius. Ferdinand Porsche build the VolkswagenBeetle and his son Ferry Porsche built the Porsche 356 and a lot ofvery rare Volkswagen and Porsche attended Sion.

And in Switzerland you cannot speak about the glorious vintage Porschewithout to mention race legend Jo Siffert who drove many works-Porscheas the 917, 908 and 906 just to mention three of them. VéroniqueSiffert (picture 04), Jo’s daughter attended the meeting with a 906similar as the car her father drove 1966 in Zeltweg. The car wasborrowed from the Race-Inn Collection1 that displays race cars of JoSiffert, Marc Surer, Herbert Müller and Peter Sauber.

Alain Sauquet / Veronique Siffert
Alain Sauquet / Veronique Siffert

French famous photograph Alain Sauquet (picture 05) took a lot of pictures of Véronique Siffert who will race next year herself in arally raid in Marocco. More than 250 cars were shown in Sion and twoof our favourite cars and also two of the judge of the meeting awardedcars were a silver metallic 911 Série-0 (picture 10) and a blue 356 Pre-A convertible (picture 12). The meeting showed also the oldest 356 Coupé build in Germany still existing in Switzerland. It was a blue356 Pre-A (picture 02). It is actually the 32nd Porsche imported 1951in Switzerland by the AMAG Ltd. This car has wrong rear lights at themoment and his owner (picture 09, on the right) wants to restore itcorrectly in the future.

Last but not least, the meeting’s organizers wanted to show all thePorsche Speedster manufactured (picture 15). It was maybe the firsttime in the world that a Porsche 356 Pre-A Speedster, a Porsche 356 ASpeedster, a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Speedster, a Porsche 964Speedster and one of the 356 ever build 997 Speedster were shown atthe same time. Bernard Moix (left) and Joe Esteve (both on picture 19)already decided to organize a second edition of the VW Porsche Classic Day next year, again in Sion.

Text and Pictures : Laurent Missbauer
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