One of the statements made at the press-conference at the opening of the Retroclassics was thatBadem-Württemberg – the region in south-Germany where Stuttgart can be found – was one of germany’stop regions, when you take classic cars in consideration. Actually, I wasn’t surprised about that. After all,Badem-Württemberg has a history so close connected to car history that no other city in the world can evencompete with that. Just in Stuttgart reside 2 of the worlds major car companies, Mercedes and Porsche, and anotherworld player is Mahle, the piston manufacturer.

In just over it’s 10 years of existence, the Retroclassics shows succeeded in becoming a true classic itself. Over 75.000 visitors, many of theminternational and even over-seas, 1300+ exhibitors and about 3000 cars on display. You can imagine you better take your time to visit the show.

It should be no surprise that the Retroclassics is a true mecca for Porsche aficionados, after all the show takes place in the birth city of their favorite cars. The factory had a similar stand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their iconic model the Porsche 911 as one could see in the Retromobile show in Paris. They added a lovely white Porsche 356 Speedster, the Porsche GT1 racer to make it complete. Not really spectacular, but nice to see.

ex Sir Stirling Moss Porsche 904's
ex Sir Stirling Moss Porsche 904‘s

The true treausures could be found at the different exhibitors. Lots of lovely Porsches from all ages, the real early Porsches 356 over the short-wheel based Porsches 911 to more recent models. My personal highlights were the 2 ex Stirling Moss Porsches 904. The cars have a special history. Stirling Moss ordered a Porsche 904 january 7 1964 to have 904-025 delivered February 19. Just a few weeks later the car was seriously damaged during test drives . The car was brought back to Stuttgart and was rebuild from the Porsche 904-088 that was taken out of production and the donor chassis 088 got the chassis number 025. This made sure that Stirling Moss didn’t have to pay import taxes again as this was the same car coming in the UK. Former Porsche employee bought the original Porsche 904-025 and had it stored in its garage for over 40 years to sell it in 2010 to Freisinger Motorsport.

At the club stand, the Porsche club of germany had a great time-line presenting all kind of Porsches, among them the lovely Porsche 550 spyder, orginaly delivered to Sonauto in Paris, France.

Ofcourse there were dozens and dozens of special cars at the Retroclassics, as you can see on the pictures below. Collectors of literature and memorabilia, or folks looking for parts knew what to do too. It was a long time ago I visited the Retroclassics, when the show was still organized in the centre of Stuttgart at Killesberg but I know for sure I’ll be there next year again, March 13 – 16 to be exact.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Liebe zu Ihm