Nürburgring hosts AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix

Since many years, the 2nd weekend of August is marked in the agenda of classic car fans and historic race car enthusiasts. All eyes are looking to what is happening at the legendary race track in the woods of the Eifel in Germany. The 2nd weekend of August, the Nürburgring is reserved to the cars that ran over the green hell with speeds hard to imagine. The AvD Oldtimer GP is probably one of the classic car events that has the most exposure.

Nothing else this year. In contradiction to the horrendous rain that fell down a few years ago at the Oldtimer Marathon on the Nordschleife, the weekend was filled with sunshine and many spectators were looking for some shadow. Over 50.000 visitors witnessed over 20 races , with cars ranging from the pre war area all the way up to the Formula 1 cars of the 80s. Too bad the Marathon race on the Nordschleife wasn’t going on any more. This 4hour race was replaced by a young timer driving experience, but I didn’t consider worthwhile , so I stayed at the F1 track the complete weekend. Hopefully there will be a marathon again in 2017 as this was a race that brought lots of excitement to the visitors.

AvD Oldtimer GP 2016 Porsche 718 RSK
Porsche 718 RSK

The AvD Oldtimer GP is a true paradise for Porsche fans. You can see the rarest of the rare on the track. How often do you see an original Porsche 718 Spyder doing what it is built for : racing ? Exactly, that’s not the most common sight, and a true pleasure for eyes and ears when you hear the mighty 4-cam engine revving. Lots of Porsche 911s at the track too, in the different race series. The most spectacular series at the AvD Oldtimer GP for Porsche fans is without any doubt the  the Deutsche Rennsportmeistershaft  Revival which is truly the ultimate racing experience for the spectators. The most powerful derivatives of the Porsche 911 on the track, the Porsches 935s,the Kremer Porsches which have a great sound. And no other words for this cars as ‘impressive’ with the big tails and spoilers, backfiring and throwing flames when slowingdown for a curve. Absolutely worth the visit in 2017 , even though I had the impression there were less cars and less exhibitors than at the AvD Oldtimer GP 2015.Book your hotel room

AvD Oldtimer GP 2016

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography