Willhoit Restorations Open House 2010

1955 pre A Carrera Speedster @Willhoit Restorations Open house
1955 pre A Carrera Speedster

It is the Porsche time of the year again in the Los Angeles area. The Literature and Toy show is going on this weekend, which means lots of Porsche enthusiasts and collectors gather in the region. And that’s exactly why restorers like John Willhoit have open house.

I guess anyone in the Porsche world knows or has heard of John Willhoit Restorations. After all, he’s responsable for many award winning restorations. Quality is what a John Willhoit restoration stands for. Of course it takes time to have your car restored, and be prepared to pay the big bucks, as the average price of a complete restoration by John Willhoit is between USD 150K – 200K. Ok, not really a price for the faint hearted, but if you got the bucks, and you want a really good car, just hand it over to the Long Beach restorer and he’ll take care of it.

This year John had among others, a stunning Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster. It is one of 14 356 Carrera Speedsters build on a pre-A Chassis, so you can imagine how good it feels to admire such a car.
As you can see on the pictures of the cars in the workshop, you’ll notice the engines arent always really stock. John does great engine rebuilds too, as he converts engines to twin-plug engines, giving more performance ofcourse.

Now just admire the pictures, if you need more information on a restoration or engines, contact John Willhoit… btw, thanks for the hospitality John. It was great once again.