LA Lit and Toy Show 2015

LA Lit and Toy Show 2015Can you imagine being a collector and missing the most important show worldwide when it comes to your collection?
Easy question, isn’t it ? Ofcourse you can’t. And that’s exactly the reason that over 1500 collectors of Porsche literature and memorabilia went to the LAX Hilton Hotel to find some more gems for their collection.

The show was put up over 30 years ago by renowned literature collectors Jim Perrin and Prescott Kelly, and Posche miniature collector Wayne Callawaye transformed.  Over the years, the show has transformed into more than just a show with Porsche literature and toys as main theme. In the mean time, parts have taken a considerable part of the 300plus tables in the 2 giant c is ongress rooms. Even the corridors to the elevators are stacked with vendors.

The night before the show, people gather at the bar in the lobby to grab a wine or beer, and meet folks they haven’t seen since last year. Deals are being made even before the show starts. Nothing but smiling faces, and you know one thing for sure. People enjoy themselves, proven by the smiling faces.

Both vendors and visitors who bought an early bird pass can enter the ballrooms together. As a die-hard collector, that’s exactly what you have to do, since the true gems are sold quick.  Being a regular visitor to the LA Lit and Toy Show, you recognise most of the vendors, so you know where to start the hunt for the holy grail. Need posters ? Go to Jim Perrin, Tony Singer or Frank Barrett’s tables. Rare literature ? Prescott Kelly or Thomas Andersen are the guys to find. Repro 4cam parts ? Have a talk with Peter Hoffmann from Classic Parts Germany. Grill Badges ? Jerry Hausler is the man to find.

The LA Lit and Toy Show is without any doubt the most important show of it’s kind and literally makes 1000s of people to make the trip to LA. Not just for the show, but for the atmosphere that rules during the weekend.
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