The Friday before the LA Lit and Toy Show is a busy day for the Porsche aficionado’s, visiting the different open houses.  After our visit to the open house at the Pelican Parts Headquarters we jumped in our car to drive to the Open House of Nicolas Hunziker. There’s no doubt you have heard from Nicolas Hunziker, so there’s absolutely no need to introduce the painter with Swiss roots. The painting skills are definitely a family heritage, as he’s the 4th generation painter. His interest in racing is another heritage, as Birabongsea Bhanutej Bhanubandh of Siam, better known as Prince Bira, was his grand-uncle.  Prince Bira was the first Thai Grand-Prix motor racing driver, who even did 2 races in a Ferrari.    Nicolas Hunziker is the artist behind many of the paintings you may have noticed at different race occasions in his typical style. You’ll have seen some of his art prints and posters without any doubt, or you might wear some of his apparel too. His artwork is used on caps and t-shirts, and he has his own designed shoes. Nicolas Hunziker has always been a great admirer of Steve McQueen. Many of his artworks are dedicated to Mcqueen, as he was a fanatic racer too. We all know his favorite statemtent : “Life is racing. All the rest is waiting”

Nicolas Hunziker’s studio was packed with original paintings, not all of them Porsche related, but one way or another all are related to the race world.  A table stacked with some delicious cakes and candy welcomed the numerous guests. Nicolas Hunziger himself took the time to have a chat with all of them. It was great to be at his place, and we’ll be back next year. No doubt about that.

2017 Open House Nicolas Hunziker

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