The inaugural Spa Classic by Peter Auto took place in 2011. Since then Spa Classic steadily grew. In 2019, in its 9th edition, Spa Classic proved again it has become one of Europe’s major classic car racing events. No matter who you ask: all will confirm Spa Classic 2019 was another huge success. Over 300 race cars and over 20.000 visitors flocked to the circuit in the Belgian Ardennes. You can imagine it was crowded both on the track, and in the paddocks.

Hans-Jörg Hübner / Nicolas D’Ieteren – Chassis: CK6-08/03 – Spa Classic 2019

The circuit of Spa-Francorchamps belongs to the most loved tracks of the world by the pilots. However, the weather is very unpredictable at Spa. Just 2 weeks before the Spa Classic 2019,  competitors even had to cope with snow. Fortunately, no snow for the historic racers. However, the complete weekend, they had to cope with versatile weather conditions that made racing sometimes very hard with a track that changed from dry to wet and back.

Peter Vögele – Porsche 908/3-001 – Spa Classic 2019

For Porsche fans, the Classic Endurance Racing series is the highlight of the event. The Classic Endurance Racing has 2 grids with sportscars and GTs, from the ’70s and ’80s. In total, you could see approximately 90 cars at the start grid. And that included a Gulf Livery Porsche 917 (917-008) and a Porsche 908/3 (Chassis 908/3-001)The two grids put 59 and 31 remarkable cars on track, including a Porsche 917 in Gulf-livery. Next to these cars, you can admire Porsche 904 Carrera GTS, Porsche 906 and Porsche 910 and of course the Porsche 911 in different versions. Both the Porsche 911 RSR 2.8 and 3.0 versions made an appearance, as well as a Porsche 935 K3.

J.F. Dirickx / Q. Devreker – Porsche 911 – 2.0L Cup – Spa Classic 2019

Another highlight is the 2.0L Cup.  A series with only 2.0L Porsche 911s on the track means spectacle. With about 50 similar cars on the track, it all comes to the skills of the pilots to win the race.  Rather new on the agenda of the Peter Auto event is the Endurance Racing Legends series. Prototypes and GT cars that raced at Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps only a few years ago come back to the tracks.  That brings a unique opportunity for many to admire these cars. 

Picture Gallery Spa Classic 2019

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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