International Porsche 356 pre A Meeting 2016

Int. Porsche 356 pre A meeting 2016

Great gathering of early Porsches in France

End September, the Porsche 356  pre A guys had their annual International Meeting. This year the place to be was the South of France.  Albert Hâfner welcomed the early Porsche 356s in the castle of Rochegude. As the name of the meeting explains, only Porsche 356 pre A’s are allowed to participate. This makes the meeting not the largest Porsche meeting ever.

13 cars from Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK made it to the meeting. Some of them even covered to distance from home to Rochegude on their own wheels in stead of being transported on a trailer. The International Porsche 356 pre A meeting is a meeting that is not affiliated to any club or whatsoever. It is just a bunch of guys that are enthusiastic about driving their early Porsche 356s together with other passionates.

And that is exactly what the meeting was this year about. The tour on Friday  brought the cars to Grignan , Col de Valousse and the wineries of Domaine Vallot Le Coriancon where a splendid wine tasting was their part. The last ride that day  over scenic routes brought the cars back to the home for the weekend : the castle of Rochegude.

Saturday the goals of the tour were Belvédère des Templiers,  Saint Remèze, the Museum of Vallon Pont d’Arc. After lunch, the organisation offered  the participants a visit to the caves of Chauvet. The way back to Rochegude brought them to the Castle of Suze la Rousse.

Once again all participants made lots of fun, enjoyed exauisite foods and drinks and drove their fantastic cars over splendid scenery routs. They won’t miss the 2017 edition.

Int. Porsche 356 pre A Meeting 2016

Pictures by Hendrik Moulds

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