2017 Retro Classics Stuttgart

Exactly as last year, the Retro Classics in Stuttgart had an overload of our beloved Porsches. Wherever you walked, you could see a Porsche. Initially the classic market seemed to focus on the Porsche 356, but since about 5 years the market has clearly changed. The Porsche 911 is the car you need to have right now. That is, when you’re fortunate enough to have a deep wallet. The prices of the Porsches for sale at the Retro Classics were once again for the fans that were not willing to spend lots of money. However, we have the impression prices have stabilized and probably reached the top right now.

Don’t take this for the absolute truth, nobody knows what’s gonna come, and what the future will bring us. And don’t forget, the limited production Porsches will probably keep on increase in price. And again, it is obvious that a market switch is taking place again. The Porsche 911 is the car you need to have, as stated before. But the Porsche 912 has turned into a rising star. Where the car wasn’t very popular because of the 4 cylinders, and ignored by many for being a poor man’s Porsche, nowadays the car isn’t on the cheap side of the market anymore.

Transaxle Cars.

Last year, Porsche celebrated 40 years of transaxle cars at the Retro Classics Stuttgart and with a special exhibition at the Porsche Museum. The transaxle Porsches came under attention of many, and maybe that’s the reason more and more Porsche 924, Porsche 944, Porsche 928 show at classic car shows. And why not ? After all they’re a sublime product of what a customer can expect from a car that left the factory in Zuffenhausen.  Some of them might even multiply in value in a few years, as they become more and more wanted. This might be the moment to get one, now prices are rather low.  Especially when you compare them to the Porsche 911 prices.

Classicbid Auction

Exactly as other classic car shows, Retro Classics has it’s own auction. Classicbid Auction house is a German auction house, and not very reputated so far. So when you expected some rare gems, you’d probably be disappointed. Classicbid is an auction where you can buy drivers, not the highly collectible cars. There were quite some Porsches on auction too, but the visitor of the Retro Classics had definitely a larger selection at hand while visiting the diffent halls.

We are looking forward to visit the show again next year  March 22 – 28 2018. And you can imagine,  no way we skipped the Porsche Museum now we were having a few days in Stuttgart.

2017 Stuttgart Retroclassics

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts