3 Porsche 911  reimagined by Singer at the Phoenix Club

The SoCal Porsche Swap Meet in the Phoenix Club in Anaheim is always a great place to end a weekend filled with visits to open houses ( California Porsche Restorations, John Willhoit Restorations, Callas Rennsport, Nicolas Hunziker, European Collectibles) and ofcourse the main event : the LA Lit and Toy Show in the LAX Hilton. Nothing has changed in the format of the event. Early in the morning, even before sunrise,  the vendors show up at the gates trying to be early to get a spot in the Phoenix Club.  Not that much later, Porsche fans starts showing up to get in. The early birds are definitely looking for some parts they need for the restoration of the Porsche, or why not : find a bargain and try to sell it with some profit.  The parts vendors were exact as last year on the 2 parkings left and right of the main entrance. The field right in front of the main entrance was reserved as a parking spot for the Porsche Clubs that co-operate with the organization. 

1952 Glöckler Porsche SoCal Porsche Swap Meet 2018 Phoenix Club
1952 Glöckler Porsche

Eyecatchers of the 2018 SoCal Porsche Swap Meet were definitely the 3 Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer that stood next to each other on the grass field.  I’m pretty sure there won’t be much opportunities for Porsche fans to admire 3 of these Porsche 911’s ,  perfectioned and detailed by Singer Vehicle Design in 1 location.  We talked to the owner of 2 of these marvellous cars (yes indeed, that lucky guy owns 2 911s reimagined by Singer) and the told us that one of the cars was only finished at 4am in the morning. That means he took the car right of the premises of Singer to the Phoenix Club.  Just one row behind the 3 Singer’s you could see a Porsche 918 Spyder in Martini livery, another rarity. Furtheron the grassfield was filled with Porsches of all ages, from real early Porsche 356 to the newest Porsche 911 Turbo’s.  But probably the rarest of the rare was the 1952 Glöckler Porsche.

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