A look back

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Since 1987, TECHART is known for a unrivaled range of individualization options at highest quality standards. For increased emotionality and pure passion. For any Porsche model.After the formation of TECHART by Thomas Behringer and Matthias Krauss, TECHART manufactured premium interiors for multiple vehicle brands. TECHART quickly complemented the renown saddler by a design-, an aerodynamic construction-, a modelbuilding-, a bodywork- and a engine building department.

At the same time, TECHART concentrated on the extensive refinement of Porsche cars. The number of employees increased steadily and TECHART became internationally known. Today, TECHART is popular for its design excellence, high technology development and OE manufacturer quality.

30th anniversary TECHARTWith a sales network in more than 30 countries, TECHART is the international premium individualization brand for Porsche models. At the TECHART Headquarter in Leonberg, more than 75 highly skilled employees are concerned with the development, the manufacturing and the distribution of the attractive TECHART refinement programs. TECHART’s product range consists of proprietary developments and designs, offering refinement options for any Porsche model and every section of the vehicle: aerodynamic improvement and exterior styling, technical optimizations such as engine powerkits, exhaust systems, wheels, suspensions or assistance systems, as well as bespoke interior personalization, manufactured by TECHART’s inhouse saddlery and carbon fiber manufactory.