This year, for the fifth time , Marco Marinello from Elevenparts (Switzerland) and Paul Ernst Strähle Junior (son of Paul Ernst Strähle, the former and well-known race pilot) organise the Strähle Porsche Swap Meet in the ‘Gallery for Kunst und Technik’ in Schorndorf, a village about 20 kilometers from Stuttgart.

If you are looking for literature, memorabilia, a part for your Porsche, Schorndorf is the place to be November 8 2008. Ofcourse it’s a great opportunity to see some foreign friends , as people from all over Europe visit this Swap Meet.

And just as last year, some prominent people will visit the Swap Meet too. Another good opportunity to have pictures , books, memorabilia signed by Paul-Ernst Strähle, Herbert Linge, Peter Falk, or other Porsche personalities that I met at the previous events.