A preview to “Brun Motorsport 1966–2009” by Sportfahrer Verlag

Brun Motorsport 1966 - 2009 Limited to 1,000 copies Edition, m

If you are interested in motorsport, then we have some exciting news for you. Sportfahrer Verlag from Germany is about to publish a book about Brun Motorsport. And since you’re into motorsport, that name will ring a bell for sure. And from what we’ve seen and heard, “Brun Motorsport 1966 – 2009” will definitely not disappoint you. 

Period autographed picture card Walter Brun

Walter Brun started his motorsport career in the mid-sixties. It all started in a Lotus Cortina, that he used to drive on the mountain roads near his hometown. But soon rumors came to his ears that the neighbors weren’t that happy with him racing his cars in the mountains. Reason enough for Brun to shift focus and concentrate on officially organized hill climbs.  Walter Brun switched from the Lotus Cortina to a BMW 2002 and won the 1971 Swiss Hill Climb Champion. In that same year, he finished 7th in the Le Mans 24H in a Porsche 907 run by Wicky Racing Team.

In the eighties, Brun was involved in a Swiss Group C project, that would end as his own motorsport team: Brun Motorsport was born. And from then on, Walter Brun was not only a successful businessman, but the owner of a motorsport team that would become one of the top Porsche privateer teams, and one of the best overall Group C race teams ever. Legendary racers like Stefan Bellof, Hans-Joachim Stuck, and Thierry Boutsen took the wheel of a Brun Motorsport race car. 

The authors Eckard Schimpf, Thomas Nehlert, and Peter Wyss did a tremendous job putting the complete history of Brun Motorsport, from the early beginning in 1966 till the very end in 2009, on paper. The result is a massive, 3-volume, book counting no less than 962 pages. Walter Brun’s son Sacha compiled 1200 pictures, to illustrate the stories and races told by the authors.  



3 different versions of “Brun Motorsport 1966 – 2009”


3 different versions of “Brun Motorsport 1966 – 2009 limited edition” will be available. You have the limited edition, limited to 1000 copies.  The “Brun Motorsport 1966 – 2009 Walter Brun” edition is limited to 350 copies, each numbered by hand and personally signed by Walter Brun. And finally, there is the “Brun Motorsport 1966 – 2009 Collectors Edition”, limited to 99 copies – Hand-signed by 14 drivers of the Brun team (including four Le Mans winners and four former Formula 1 drivers): Leopold von Bayern, Gerhard Berger, Thierry Boutsen, Walter Brun, Stanley Dickens, Harald Grohs, Harald Huysman, Frank Jelinski, Oscar Larrauri, Jochen Mass, Jesús Pareja, Manuel Reuter, Massimo Sigala and Hans-Joachim Stuck.

“Brun Motorsport : 1966 – 2009 the Limited edition”  can be pre-ordered at Sportfahrer Verlag, for a price of  325€  (that’s a discount of 50 Euro compared to the price after release).  

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