During the LA Lit and Toy Show weekend, many shops and restorers have open houses. Way too many to visit them all. Porsche South Bay is one of the shops we never visited, even though it is very close to our usual base camp, the LAX Hilton. So on our way back from the John Willhoit Open House,  we decided to stop by and see what Porsche South Bay had to offer.

A few early Porsche 911s  and Porsche 356s welcomed us at the entrance of the workshop. The giant workshop had some modern Porsches inside, but was not the most thrilling a Porsche fan could see. A Porsche Carrera GT, said to belong to Jerry Seinfeld, was undergoing some maintenance. The car was heavily dismantled, and it’s not hard to imagine the bill would be accordingly.

The best part of the visit was in the Porsche South Bay showroom. My highlight was the 1970 Porsche 911ST  Chassis  911 030 0949 ) , one of 5 works rally cars and used in only 3 races in 1970. Later in the cars life it served as a service car for Jürgen Barth in the 1970 Acropolis Rally and the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally. The Shell psychedelic Porsche 911ST  did some more races in the 1971 season with several victories on the account.

Porsche South Bay

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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