Classic Porsches are the main players

In 2009, the Porsche Center in Aachen (Germany) did not realize their 1st Porsche Classic Day would be the start of a tradition.  Now in 2017, after several previous editions, the Porsche Classic Days Aachen proved once again why the event should not be missed by a true Porsche fan. Dozens of Porsches of different ages decorated the parking of the Porsche Center Aachen.

Inside the center, the Porsche fans that joined the party had a great time. There was free food and drinks for all participants,  But above all, there were the Porsches that everyone could admire. Not just normal Porsches, but the cars that ran at different race-tracks across the world, like a Porsche 956, Porsche 550 Spyder, Porsche 907, Porsche 917 or Porsche 904.

On stage, different prominent Porsche personalities told the visitors some great stories about their career. Willi Kauhsen , Peter Falk, Hanz Mezger , Valentin, Schäfer, Jürgen Barth , Norbert Singer were the guys that entertained the public. Ofcourse you could bring your books and pictures to have them autographed. And in case you wanted to stretch your legs, after a period of listening to the race stories, you could walk through the Porsche Center and visit about a dozen of exhibitors.  And ofcourse  Eye catcher was the premiere of the book Schnell mal Essen – Racing Recipes that Jürgen Barth was proud to present to the audience.

The 2017 Porsche Classic Days Aachen was our first visit to this great event. And oh boy, are we looking forward to next edition to catch up with some old friends and have a great day again.

2017 Porsche Classic Days Aachen

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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