Poster Antwerp Classic Salon 2012
Porsche 356 pre A
Porsche 356 pre A

When you are intrested in vintage cars, ofcourse you know about the Technoclassica,which is probably the best and largest vintage car show in the world. Not only because of the huge number of exhibitors and visitors, but because of the quality of the cars at the show. But few of you may know ,that a few week before the Technoclassica starts, the same organisers have a show in Belgium, the Antwerp Classic Salon to be precise.

Calling the Antwerp Classic Salon a true rehearsal might be a bit of a overstatement, as it is way smaller, but nevertheless each and every year this show is really worth the visit.

Dozens of international exhibitors are selling their parts, miniatures, collectibles, memorabilia and ofcourse the cars themself. Thousands of visitors ,mainly from Belgium but there’s always visitors from France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands…

Each year there’s a concours d’elegance, and what I consider the best part of the show is the presence of the vintage car clubs, who compete in a concours too, trying to convince the jury that their stand is the best on the show.

Pictures : Wilfried Geerts