Cover Porsche 904 by Jurgen Lewandowski / Stefan Bongers

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Book review

The Porsche 904 Carrera GTS belongs to the most recognizable Porsches ever built. The unique design, by Ferdinand Alexander ‘Buzti” Porsche, makes the heart of many Porsche enthusiasts beat faster. The Porsche 904 is often referred to as ‘Butzi’s masterpiece’. And it is hard to believe that the car was developed in a record-breaking 6 months.  For homologation (the approval process) as a race car, about 100 units of the Porsche 904 were registered as road vehicles and sold to private customers. However, demand exceeded supply by far. Obviously that makes the Porsche 904 a rare seen car. The beauty of the design, and the rarity of the car, bring the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS on the wishlist of many collectors. So far, not that much literature about the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS can be found. Obviously, we were thrilled to find the book “Porsche 904″ by Jürgen Lewandowski and Stefan Bogner in our mailbox. 

Both authors joined forces for the book ‘Porsche 904”. The pictures in the book are by Stefan Bogner,  the text is by Jürgen Lewandowski. Unfortunately ,we can’t be as excited about the book as we are about the car. Actually the package consists of 2 books, packed in a slipcase. The largest one is a square format coffee-table book. And we must admit, great pictures and a joy to go through the book. All photographs are accompanied by a short description. Nothing wrong with this part. However, we were disappointed about the information that is given in the 2nd book. From Jürgen Lewandowski, an author with a name that makes bells ring among Porsche fans, we expected more than the small booklet that accompanies the bulky photo book of Bogner. Next to the stories most people know,  there wasn’t much new to discover. We cannot say that the book fullfilled our expectations. And yes, maybe we set the bar too high. On the otherhand, with a retailprice of 128 Euro, I think we won’t be the only ones to expect more. 

The book is bilingual (German / English) and is available at Delius Klasing

Porsche 904 Book Cover Porsche 904
Jurgen Lewandowski / Stefan Bogner
Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh
Hardcover - Slipcase
224 pages /155 pictures and illustrations