Hardly any car brand can be as sure of the love and passion of its fans as Porsche. Under the hashtag #PorschePur, it even becomes visually tangible on the social media platform Instagram. Here, journalist and car tester Jörg Walz indulges in two of his passions at once: rare Porsches and miniature cars on a scale of 1:43. He now also presents the photos, which are already delighting several hundred followers online, in this comprehensive book.

Little heroes of sports car history in the wild: Porsche models in miniature

The visual language that Jörg Walz creates with his unusual photos is unique. The small models are placed in a real environment in such a way that, at first glance, they can easily be mistaken for a real 550 Spyder or 964 Turbo S. Only on closer inspection do you recognize the toy car, so convincing is the richness of detail in the minis. Always included: Walz’s crisp texts with exciting facts about the car pictured.

The most beautiful Porsche model cars uniquely photographed

Walz’s extensive collection includes several models of the most successful and rarest racing and road cars from the last seventy years, which he photographs in lively city scenes and wild landscapes. Sometimes the car looks mint with immaculate paint, sometimes it has rust spots and scratches. You can consider “Porsche models – 70 years of Sports Car History” a small museum filled with pictures that will delight passionate Porsche fans as well as those passionate about model cars.


This book must have been an amazing lot of work. The author Jörg Waltz had to bring the complete history of Porsche’s rich history into the picture. Virtually every model ever produced from the early beginning to 2018 had to be photographed, And we’re not talking about the actual cars but the model version, that was photographed in a setting so one could easily confuse it with a real car. We really loved the pictures, as well as the small bits of text that accompany the pictures.
Porsche Model Cars Book Cover Porsche Model Cars
Jorg Walz
March 7, 2019
320 pages with over 300 pictures
978-3-667-11247-7 (German) / 978-3-667-11656-7
Both German and English edition available.