Callas Rennsport Open House

I can imagine someone who is looking for Callas Rennsport but never visited his spot, is surprised as soon as he entesr the block on the corner of W190St and Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance where Callas Rennsport is located. This is not exactly the spot you would expect a high-end Porsche workshop. But..  first impressions can fool you. And that’s definitely the case here. It is hard to find a Porsche workshop with that much experience as Callas Rennsport.

Tony Callas started servicing Porsches as a kid, at his father’s shop Rennshop Porsche Works in Texas.  At the age of 18, Tony went to the Porsche factory school. Soon he started servicing Porsche race cars in the weekends too. After his move to Los Angeles, Alwin Springer of Porsche Motorsport North America was one of Tony’s mentors. From 1992 onwards Tony Callas made his dream come true, and he opened his own shop. Tony served as a mechanic in racing teams like Roock Racing, Seikel Motorsport and Champion Racing. The experience of Tony Callas in racing and motorsports include victories in the Daytona 24H .

Nowadays, Callas Rennsport is known for the excellent work done on classic Porsches. One of the recent highligts is the restoration of the 1967 Porsche 911R that has the World Records in Monza on its account. The car could be admired at the Porsche Effect exhibition in the Petersen Automotive Museum to celebrate 70 years Porsche.

 Callas Rennsport is one of the very few workshops in the USA that service Porsche 959s. And that explains why there is always a huge chance you’ll see at least a few of these Porsche supercars at Callas Rennsport. The open house attracted hundreds of people during the day. Next to the cars, the visitors could attend workshops like the ‘How to keep old Porsches on the road’ by Sara Porshe Dakarmen of LA Dismantlers. Our personal favourite was the Porsche 911 SCRS, a true Porsche rally car, of which only 25 were ever built. We would like to thanks Tony Callas and the complete team of Callas Rennsport for the hospitality, and we’re looking forward to our next visit

You can find more information about Callas Rennsport at their website

Picture gallery Callas Rennsport Open House 2020

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography