Porsche 919 Hybrid, Porsche LMP Team: Earl Bamber, Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley

How the race went for car number 1:

Start driver André Lotterer accelerates from P3 on the grid and stays third behind the number 7 pole-starting Toyota and the number 2 sister Porsche. The top-three cars were covered by less than 1sec after 24 laps (46 mins). At the end of lap 31 lap (after 56 mins) André pits for full service to Neel Jani. The car lies P2 behind the number 7 Toyota after the first stops. On lap 35 Jani drops back to P3 after he is delayed in traffic and overtaken by the sister Porsche. On lap 46 Jani follows the sister Porsche in overtaking the Toyota. This makes a one-two lead for Porsche at 14:22 hrs. After 64 laps Jani pits for fuel only and continues in P2. On lap 68 Neel gets past Brendon for the lead. After 97 laps Nick takes over the wheel of the leading car. On lap 123 he touches the number 67 GT Ford when lapping it, fortunately both cars continue. After refuelling at the end of lap 130, Nick continues in P2. On lap 135 he takes the lead from the sister car before handing it back over to André after 163 laps for the final stages. At the last pit stop for fuel, the advantage goes to the championship leading sister car. Lotterer finishes the race in second place.

Porsche 919 Hybrid, Porsche LMP Team: Neel Jani,a Andre Lotterer, Nick Tandy
Porsche 919 Hybrid, Porsche LMP Team: Neel Jani,a Andre Lotterer, Nick Tandy

How the race went for car number 2:

Following an additional formation lap when the number 8 Toyota had a problem on track, Timo Bernhard starts from P2 on the grid and runs within half a second of the leading number 7 Toyota and just ahead of his teammates in the other Porsche. Timo pits from P2 on lap 32 (58 mins) for full service to Brendon Hartley. The Kiwi re-joins just behind Jani in P3 as Hartley exits the pits but goes ahead of the number 1 Porsche and into P2 on lap 35. On lap 43 (at 14:17 hrs) Hartley hunts down the number 7 Toyota and takes the lead. After 65 laps he pits for fuel only and continues. When the double stinted car loses a little performance, on lap 68 Brendon has to let Neel ahead and slips to P2. Earl takes over the car in P2 after 98 laps. The stop lasts four seconds longer because the rear wing is cleaned from rubber pick-up but Earl catches up quickly and overtakes the leading sister car in Turn 1 on lap 111. Earl pits for fuel only after 131 laps and retains the lead until overtaken by the sister car while avoiding a spinning LMP2 car. Still in P2 after 164 laps, Timo gets back in the car. A quick splash and dash on lap 197 brings him back in to the lead and after 204 laps, he takes the chequered flag to win his home race.

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