Einfach eine geile Zeit – 3rd edition

The history of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft 1972 – 1985 ,that is exactly wat ‘Einfach eine geile Zeit’ is all about. It is rather unfortunate for the readers among us that don’t master the German language. This book is only available in German. We presume Gruppe-C Verlag, the publisher, thinks only German-speaking folks are interested in the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. Which I can deny firmly.

Unfortunately, one of the authors, Gustav Büsing passed away in 2015. He was the man how had the idea for the 1st edition of the book. This 3rd edition  can be seen as a tribute to Gustav Büsung., A great addition to the previous edition is the portrait of 30 of the most prominent racers that participated in the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft.

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The authors

Both authors witnessed the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft from closeby. As journalists, who covered the DRM races, they had full access to the teams, the drivers, the managers and the crew Back in the days, it was easier to gather information. And the wealth of information they gathered through the years, is compiled in ‘Einfach eine geile Zeit’. Nice to know is that the title is actually exact the reply by Hans-Joachim Stuck, when he was asked what he thought about his years in the DRM.

Hans-Joachim Stuck wrote the foreword for ‘Einfach eine Geile Zeit’. The book continues with the birth and history of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. The main part of the book brings a summary for every single year that the championship existed.  Eckard Schimpf dedicates a chapter on the financing of the series. And very interesting to read is the chapter about the team managers. And the chapter with different amazing stories, some of the exuberant, some of the nice to know, and many of them completely unbelievable but true,  is an absolute highlight of the book. It is great to read about the 100DM bet of Rainer Braun, and the story of the Demolition Race at the Norisring.


Einfach eine geile zeit Gustav Büsing Uwe Mahla Gruppe C
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The last real chapter, except for the thank word and  Gustav Büsings obituary, is completely filled with statistics about the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. The race results of all races ever in the series are listed. This is a unique source of information and brings a wealth of knowledge to your library.

As soon as you unpack the book, you notice the ‘asphalt like’ cover.  The BMW 320, the Porsche 935, and the Ford Capri RS shown on the cover belong to the most iconic cars that participated in the series. And the racers include guys like Jochen Mass, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Georg Loos, Bob Wollek to name just a few. There is no way around if you are into Porsche and into racing, ‘Einfach eine Geile Zeit’ is a book you need in your library. And even if you don’t master German, the pictures on its own are worth it.



Einfach eine Geile Zeit -3rd edition Book Cover Einfach eine Geile Zeit -3rd edition
Gustav Büsing / Uwe Mahla
Gruppe C Motorsport Verlag
304 pages and +/- 650 pictures