Georg Loos

Date of birth : June 22 1943

Deceased : March 6 2016

Biography Georg Loos

Georg Loos was a German business man who made good fortune as a real estate dealer and stockbroker.  Loos invested some of the profits he made as a businessman in the GeLo racing team, that drove under a red yellow banner. He feared absolutely no controversy. Because of some of his bizarre decisions many in the race world would rather avoid Georg Loos. Even Porsche, a company that earned lots of money on Georg Loos, once turned it’s back after another discussion went too far.

The cars that Georg Loos had in his career, were not the least ones, among them   Ferrari 512 M, McLaren M8F, Mirage, 917 Turbo-Spider. However, the Gelo Racing Team was  best known for their Porsche 935 turbos. Gelo Racing was the only private team to win the 1000Ks at the Nürburgring 3 times.
It was about the same time that the Kremer brothers had their succesful years too, with the famous Kremer Porsches. In contradiction with Manfred and Erwin Kremer, Georg Loos didn’t succeed in closing good sponsorship contracts for his racing adventures.

Despite the lack of great sponsorship deals, he managed in getting the best drivers in his car  like Rolf Stommelen, Toine Hezemans, Klaus Ludwig, Derek Bell, Bob Wollek, and John Fitzpatrick, and won nearly all the important endurance and sports prototype races.

Georg Loos participated 5 consecutive times at the Le Mans 24h between 1970 and 1974 (1970 and 1971 in a  Ferrari 512, 1972, 1973 et 1974 in a  Porsche 911S and Porsche Carrera RSR) Only in 1973, he managed to finish the race, with Jürgen Barth as co-pilot.

After he retired from racing, he announced a come-back a few times but that never happened.  There were lots of rumours about the financial problems of Georg Loos. Rumous he always denied despite even articles in newspapers stating his bankrupcy. He moved to Stuttgart, where he lived a anonymous live until his death March 6th 2016.