Hobbo the autobiography of David Hobbs

Englishman David Hobbs, nicknamed ‘Hobbo’ by friends and fans is one of motor racing’s most remarkable all-rounders. Hobbs’s race career lasted a stunning 31 years. In that period he raced in almost every imaginable category. From endurance sports racers, touring cars, Formula 1, Formula 5000, Indycars, IMSA, Trans-Am, Can-Am, and even NASCAR. As if that is not impressive enough, Hobbs has been a television commentator in America for nearly 40 years. Race cannot be not excited about reading the stories Hobbs experienced.

The author of ‘Hobbo, the autobiography of David Hobbs’ is Andrew Marriott. Marriot has spent his career in motorsport journalism, broadcasting, and sports marketing. He covered his first Formula 1 race for Motoring News at the age of 19 and over 50 years later he still reports from the Le Man’s pitlane. He crossed paths with David Hobbs frequently, both in the latter’s active sports career or as a colleague as a commentator.

In 16 chapters, the author covers the complete life and career of David Hobbs. After the foreword by Sam Posey, it starts with the Australian roots of Hobbs whose family emigrated to Britain because of the work of his father. In 1959 Hobbs sets his first steps in the racing world, in the Morris of his mother. Just one year later, his father’s Jaguar XK140 serves as his race car, and it continues in 1961 with one of Collin Chapmans Lotus Elise racers. 

Hobbo the autobiography of David Hobbs (c) Evro Publishing

I think the best chapters in the books may well be the one spent on David Hobbs as a pilot for the Gulf Ford GT40 team run by John Wyer. Another superb read are the 20 pages spent on the Penske Racing Team. The fantastic stories are illustrated with great pictures and captions.

Hobbo the autobiography of David Hobbs (c) Evro Publishing

As this is an autobiography, David Hobbs has included a touching couple of chapters at the end of the book about his family, his business interests, and his wife Mags, who has been a lifelong support throughout his career.


Published by Evro Publishing, this tome is fabulously illustrated throughout with some brilliant on-track and behind-the-scenes shots. The sheer quality of the physical product is impressive.  I consider ‘ Hobbo – the autobiography of David Hobbs’  a must for fans of the driver and the period it covers.

Hobbo the autobiography of David Hobbs

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Hobbo: The Autobiography of David Hobbs Book Cover Hobbo: The Autobiography of David Hobbs
David W Hobbs
Evro Publishing Limited
April 17, 2018
Hard Cover
304 pages
over 300 photographs, including colour