When the organisation of Interclassics and Topmobiel Maastricht decided they would expand their show beyond the Dutch borders, they knew they would only have one chance to make the show a succes. Several years ago, in the Brussels expo exhibition halls you had the Retrofestival. After the disappearing of this classic car show, there’s only 2 major classic car shows left in Belgium : the Antwerp Classic Salon and the Flanders Collection Car hosted in Gent. Well, after this weekend times have changed.

From the moment you entered the exhibition rooms, you immediately went into another world : the world of classic cars. It was obvious that the show was organized by the same people as the Interclassics and Topmobiel show. Nearly 15000 visitors that were at that show recognised some of the exhibitors. Great result for an inaugural event, with lots of happy exhibitors and customers at the end of the show. Exactly as in Maastricht, the show in Brussels didn’t have too many spare parts, literature,miniatures or memorabilia, to my personal regret as I like to go for the hunt on a part or piece of literature that I really want for my car or my collection. On the other hand, the numerous cars on display filled the need of looking for a part. You couldn’t have eyes enough to enjoy the dozens and dozens of great cars, with a great display of Citroen DS to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this model and ofcourse the breathtaking line-up of Bugatti’s. Fenomenal !!!

For us , Porsche aficionado’s, the Interclassics Brussels was a true paradise. Porsches by the dozens in the 2 exhibitions spaces. However, the price-tags were not exactly for the fainthearted visitors. The classic Porsches seem to be worth their weight in gold. I’ve been telling this for quite some time yet, but still.. I wonder how long these prices can continue to rise. Maybe we can find out in just a few months, when the mother-event starts again : Interclassics and Topmobiel in Maastricht. See you folks there !!!