2014 CineyThe Pentecost weekend traditionally the belgian oldtimer scene moves to the charming village Ciney, known by many for the refreshing beer that’s brewn in the neighbourhood.However, if you want to experience the Retromoteur in full soberness, beter keep the beer for the moment you consider leaving back home and enjoy one.

Retromoteur is a 3 day event of which he first day is a nocturne which means it’s only opened in the evening-hours from 5pm till 10pm. Ofcourse I don’t need to mention the real bountyhunters among us join the party at that very moment. 35.000 square metres piled with parts, literature, toys, memorabilia and cars.

No surprise over 20.000 visitors, mainly from Belgium, France, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany find their way to the venue to stroll across the approximately 650 different boots. Don’t expect to findcars in concours, except for some lucky rarity. The Retromoteur is more about the daily drivers, and the parts you need to keep the ca on the road.

Pictures : Wilfried Geerts