Jacky Ickx


There is absolutely no need to introduce Jacky Ickx to you. It would be an insult pretending Jacky Ickx is unfamiliar to you. I can’t imagine a sportscar enthusiast, no matter his age, that raises the shoulders in an ignorant way when it comes to Jacky Ickx. So many magazines have written stories about him, so many stories were published on websites on his heroic exploits as a 6 time Le Mans winner. However,there’s so much more to be told and that’s exactly what this book does as the subtitle says in just a few words : Mister Le Mans and much more.

Indeed, Jacky Ickx is so much more than Mister Le Mans. Of course it is fabulous when a man is capable to cross the finish-line of the hardest 24h endurance race you can imagine. But Jacky Ickx was more than an endurance racer.

Born and raised in a family where cars were very important, as his father Jacques Bernard Ickx was a motoring journalist, Jacky was surrounded by cars from his early childhood. Not to be surprised he became fascinated in speed from early on, and at the age of 16 he was driving a 50cc motorcycle, soon to be replaced by a 125cc trial bike that he drove to a European Championship title in his class. In 1963 Jacky Ickx was taught how to race a car at the dutch Zandvoort race-track, by the famous Belgian pilot Paul Frère. His first race car was borrowed to him by Albert Moorkens, the Belgian importer. This was never forgotten by Ickx who honoured Albert Moorkens as one of the most important men in his career.

This and tons of other stories are told in a detailed way by the author, Ed Heuvink, in this great book about Jacky Ickx. The book is illustrated with about 200 pictures, the majority e of them never published before. Many of the folks that shared a car with Jacky Ickx tell their story about Ickx too, and not the least to mention : Derek Bell, Hans Herrmann, Jackie Stewart, Brian Redman or Jochen Mass.

The last chapter of the book are the statistics of the career of Jacky Ickx : not only is it a great tool for research, reading the statistics proves the subtitle of the book once again : Mister Le Mans, and much more.

Author : Ed Heuvink
Publisher : McKlein Publishing / Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Language : English & German
Pages : 256 pages with 110 pictures in colour, 115 in B&W
ISBN : 978-3927458741
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Jacky Ickx Book Cover Jacky Ickx
Ed Heuvink
Biography & Autobiography
McKlein Publishing