LA Literature and Toy Show 2012

LA Literature and Toy Show 2012
LA Literature and Toy Show 2012
Some rare Porsche models

For the 29th consecutive year yet, he Los Angeles area was the place to be for anyone with a passion for Porsche. The holy weekend, one could describe it, as you can feel the Porsche atmosphere anywhere in the neighbourhood. The reason is probably obvious to anyone. At the Hilton LAX hotel, the 3 über collectors (Prescot Kelly, Jim Perrin and Wayne Callaway) organised the Literature and Toy Show.

Those who visited this before don’t need no further explanation, those who haven’t better think about getting a plane next year for the celebration edition, the 30th.

“What is all this fuzz about” , that’s what I hear some of you thinking. Well, the Literature and Toy Show is a must for anyone who collects Porsche literature , toys or memorabilia. And when I say literature, I mean this in the widest meaning of the word. No matter if you were looking for a manual for a recent Porsche 996 Turbo, or a brochure about the earliest Porsche 356.. good chance you could find it.

As every year I spotted some amazing brochures, great posters , a ultra-rare Porsche Spyder RS60 Spare parts manual , some of the rarest Porsche miniatures ever made and so on..

Even if you are not into collecting , the show is worth the visit just for admiring this rare paperwork, or finding a part you were looking for since ages to complete the restoration of your car.

Visitors from all over the world enjoyed the atmosphere, bought and sold stuff, and talked to people they hadn’t seen in a long time.

The 2 giant Hilton Hotel Ballrooms were literally filled with Porsche stuff, more vendors than ever, which makes me believe the next year’s edition will even be better. I’m looking forward to it !!.