Let’s put a roof tent on your Porsche and go camping

The new Porsche roof tent- a room with a view

Experience the exhilaration of Porsche sports cars in a fresh way – in the great outdoors – with the new roof tent from Porsche Tequipment. This practical adventure equipment transforms the sports car into a hotel room for nature lovers. It has an exclusive hard case, which was developed at the Weissach Development Centre and co-designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See. The Hardcase design can be installed on the roof transport systems of different Porsche models. That includes the Porsche 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and Taycan. Good to know, you can install the tent both on cars with and without roof rails. It is quite the room with a view, with two side windows and a roof window as standard. The all-season, two-person tent is now available to order from Porsche sales partners for €4,980. Delivery is set to begin in November 2022.

The new Porsche roof tent- a room with a view
The new Porsche roof tent- a room with a view

In the extended position, the floor surface measures 210 x 130 cm. A comfortable, high-density polyfoam mattress is integrated. The tent walls are made of a breathable cotton blend. With water-resistant zips and a separate rain cover for entry, the tent is designed for wetter weather too. The side walls mimic the flyline of the 911 and feature a PORSCHE logo. Highlights in the interior include the highly insulating quilted lining in Light Grey. The head end features a mountain silhouette. The mattress features the same quilting pattern.

The new Porsche roof tent- a room with a view
The new Porsche roof tent- a room with a view

Other features: both side windows can be fully opened for ventilation. An insect guard offers protection against mosquitoes and an additional black-out function helps keep the light out.

The Porsche roof tent can be set up quickly at the campsite. First, you open the lockable safety latches. Then, you lift the hard case slightly and open it up with the aid of two gas pressure shock absorbers. The foot zone of the floor is then folded out and stabilized using the integrated telescopic ladder. By now, the tent is already unfolded. The last step is simply to erect the tent and make it taut with the four poles.

The new Porsche roof tent- a room with a view

Buyers can choose between the Black/Light Grey and Black/Dark Grey hard case, each of which is adorned with a matt black PORSCHE logo. Additional optional Tequipment accessories will be available soon. This includes an inner tent, a heated blanket, and a shoe and bag organizer.

A personal opinion

For me it’s hard to tell you what my personal opinion is on the Porsche tent. On the first hand, it sounds like a great idea. But I do have my thoughts. I would think that most of the Porsche drivers would prefer a hotel, or in case they want to go camping they would choose a more luxurious glamping site.  Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure there will be customers for the Porsche tent. And probably they’ll soon popup on camping sites near race-tracks where the die-hard fans want to enjoy races. We’ll find out soon.

Technical Specifications:

• Length x width x height (folded): 146 x 140 x 33 cm
• Length x width x height (extended): 258 x 257 x 118 cm
• Weight: approx. 56 kg
• Maximum load when stationary³: approx. 190 kg (vehicles with roof rails) or approx. 140 kg (vehicles without roof rails)
• Top speed with installed roof tent: 130 km/h.

Edited Porsche Factory Press Release
Pictures courtesy Porsche AG