Los Angeles Literature and Toy Show 2009

Wayne Callaway, well-known Porsche miniature collector, Prescot Kelly, former president of the Porsche Club of America and a vivid Porsche literature Collector, and Jim Perrin, another well-known Porsche literature collector, organised already for the 26th time the Los Angeles Literature and Toy Show.
Exactly as the previous time I visited the show , there was so much to see. First of all , the organisers themself. Wayne once again had a few tables filled with lots of rare Porsche 356 Toys, like Distlers, JNF, Gescha and so on. Prescot Kelly img0001brought some literature with him, which delighted myself as I bought some pretty rare pre A Porsche Accessory Pricelist of him. Jim Perrin had some wonderfull original early Porsche posters for sale.
Ofcourse no Los Angeles Literature and Toy Show without Tony Singer, with his great Posters and other collectibles too.Tony was presenting his new and limited Porsche Poster book.
In case you were looking for a book, Bill Block and Frank Barret were the tables you had to be. Frank was selling the last english copies of Ferdinand, Genesis of Genius by Karl Ludvigsen. Bill Block had the same book in german.
Paul Lang once again had great factory pictures for sale, together with Porsche posters from the 70’s and 80’s, and other literature.
I guess there were about 200 tables piled with Porsche and early VW-stuff, hundreds of buyers and among them just as almost every year Jerry Seinfeld.
I enjoyed the show as much as I did the previous years, not the least cause I found some great and rare stuff like the earlier mentioned Porsche 356 pre A accessory pricelists, an original Porsche 550A Spyder manual ,some great factory pictures which I like a lot and so on.. I’m already looking forward to the 2010 edition.