After several years, the Dreamcar International show returned to its roots in Kortrijk in 2014. December 2015 was the 2nd consecutive time the show went on in the Kortrijk expo and it seems the story will continue there.In contradiction with the Waregem Oldtimer Event that took place just one week before Dreamcar International, the Dreamcar International has more to offer when it comes to parts, literature and stuff that is related with the classic car world. On the other hand, the Dreamcar International has much less prestige and grandeur. It’s up to the visitors to make the choice which show to visit. I prefer both as in both classic car shows, there was plenty of cars, and people to have a great chat with. Question is : will both shows continue to exist as they’re so close to each other, both in period of time and in actual distance.

Future will make us clear, and we can only hope both shows will continue as it is a sheer pleasure to walk between the cars and meet other people sharing the same passion.

Quite a lot of Porsches in Kortrijk at the Dreamcar International too. Not the Porsches you expect to see in shows like Paris Retromobile, Technoclassica in Essen or Retroclassics in Stuttgart. Porsches however are more affordable to most of the visitors. However, even at Dreamcar International it is quite obvious that the prices of the Porsches offered on shows are going anything but up.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Wilfried Geerts