Manfred Jantke

Born : October 2 1938.

Biography Manfred Jantke

Manfred Jantke was born October 2 1938, in Oppeln (Germany). Jantke always showed a strong interest in motorsports.  So, he put the money where the mouth is, and started racing. Jantke raced both Formula V and touring cars. On top of that, Jantke had a busy career as a journalist for the German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport. By using his experience as a racer, Jantke drifted around different tracks, testing cars. Legendary photographer Julius Weitmann gratefully took advantage of  Mantke’s skills. The result were phantastic and spectacular pictures.

In 1972, Porsche offered Manfred Jantke the position of Head of the Porsche sports department and chief of PR. Mantke inherited that duo-job from his predecessor, Hüschke von Hanstein, who set the bar high. Not Manfred Jantke remembers : “That was a huge challenge, especially since everything about Porsche back then was pure fascination anyway.”

Gijs van Lennep (left) and Manfred Jantke (right) on the Porsche 917 KH Coupé #22
Gijs van Lennep (left) and Manfred Jantke (right) on the Porsche 917 KH Coupé #22

As the Head of Public Relations and Head of Sports Jantke witnessed very successful years with Porsche. Seven victories in the Le Mans 24H, ten sportscar- and three Formula 1 victories. Manfred Jantke concluded sponsoring contracts with the famous brands Martini (1973) and Rothmanns (1981). Furthermore , Manfred Jantke established the Weissach bike race and the Filderstadt tennis tournament.

In 1992, Manfred Jantke retires from Porsche, and settles as a freelance journalist and consultant. One of his jobs as a freelancer was commenting motorsport at Eurosport television.

Important periods in the career of Manfred Jantke

1961-72 Motor journalist at auto, motor und sport (lastly deputy editor-in-chief)
1960- 1971 Formula V race driver
1967 round / course record Formula V Hockenheimring
1972-1982 Head of Sports Porsche AG
1973-91 Head of Public Relations Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart
Since 1992 freelance journalist, continues to work for Porsche as a consultant

Pictures courtesy Porsche AG and unknown