The Paris Retromobile is the first major classic car show of the year in Western Europe. Ofcourse there is the Interclassics Maastricht in January, but that show cannot be compared in any way to the Paris Retromobile. All the major players in the classic car world are present in Paris, and there’s absolutely a reason for that.

The Paris Retromobile show manages every year to bring together a museum quality of cars in both the auctions and in the show itself. Above that, the Paris Retromobile is a show that can be done in one day, even though I admit 2 days would be better to enjoy the cars and atmosphere to the most.Paris Retromobile 2018

It is absolutely impossible to name all the Porsches that were on display in the Paris Retromobile, but once again the diversity was huge. At one stand, there were some real early Porsche 356s coming from an important dutch Porsche 356 collector. Next to the Porsche 904 at the Peter Auto Stand, we noticed another Porsche 904. The seller however was not very anxious to give us more information. Despite that, we believe it might be the ex Stirling Moss Porsche 904-025 that we’ve seen for sale the first time at the Stuttgart Retroclassics some years ago, and at the 2015 Paris Retromobile again.

The Porsche 906 Carrera 6 is not the car you’ll see a lot in a classic car show. 2 of them were for sale at the Paris Retromobile. Unfortunately the sellers were very scarce with the information regarding the history of the cars so we cannot tell you  more. When you are into race cars, it won’t be easy not to find what you like in Paris. Some Porsche 934, Porsche 934/5 and a Porsche 935, exciting isn’t it. Are you more into Group C ? No problem with the Porsche 956 that was for sale. At the Porsche stand, one of the headliners was the Porsche 911 ST that was shown to the public at the Techno Classica Essen some years ago, and that was the subject of a fantastic book.

Serge Heitz had a tremendous stand again with some great Porsches of all ages, with a rare 1955 Porsche 356 Continental that could be considered a true gem, even though there were several minor errors on the car that would definitely not be overseen at a concours d’elegance.

Porsche at the Paris Retromobile 2018

Pictures by Wilfried Geerts & Vintage Race Photography