Franz Albert is not a name that will sound a bell among most of the nowadays Porsche enthusiast. Nevertheless, he was a skilled racer, and much much more than that. Not only was he a car tuner, he was a racer and car manufacturer too. In ‘Nockenfranz’, the author Siegfried  C. Strasser describes the life of a man whose career is far more than what most people can imagine. 

‘Nockenfranz’ may sound weird to those that don’t know anything about Franz Albert. The others will have a moment of recognition. One of the skills of Franz Albert was the grind camshafts of combustion engines. And that’s one of the many things Franz Albert made a living from.  He was active in bodyshops too, changing and creating bodies for tractors and cars. And the skills he mastered so well, were very useful to prepare his own motorbikes and cars in his race-career.  On its turn, his race-career attracted new customers to his business. During his career, Franz Albert bought even 2 Porsches from Austrian racer Ernst Vogel : a Porsche 550 Spyder and a Porsche 718 RSK.

Nockenfranz – Franz Albert Biography – Sample pages

Later Frans Albert builds his own car , an Albert RS, powered by the Furhman 4-cam engine.  As a Porsche aficionado, you can only be enthusiast about the numerous pages that cover Franz Albert’s experiences with our beloved car. Rather unknown is that Albert even ran his own race-team.

Nockenfranz – Franz Albert Biography – Sample pages

The author Siegfried C. Strasser has done research on Franz Albert to document his life.  In 19 chapters,  he describes the life of a man that was extremely versatile.  To gather information, the author used many sources :  the personal archive of the Albert familly, the Porsche Archive, the archive of the Technical Museum in Vienna. His research even took him to Spain, to visit Franz Albert who moved to southern Europe to enjoy the sun and life after he retired.  


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‘Nockenfranz’ describes a life of 86 years and concentrates on Franz Albert’s motorsports career that spans close to 40 years.  The book is extremely detailed at some points, and could be more detailed at others. The book gives an overwhelming amount of information. Unfortunately it is not always as easy to read as one would like. In our opinion, the book deserves a better design, so that it would make easier reading.  A great help would be to better divide the text in more sections. Adding more space in the books would give the book a better readability too.  And unfortunately, there is no english version available, even though we understand the publisher on that point. Despite the negative points on readability,  ‘Nockenfranz’ is a great addition to your library. And we’re convinced you’ll learn a lot about a man who used to race Porsches for many years.

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Nockenfranz Book Cover Nockenfranz
Siegfried C. Strasser
Edition Tirol
160 pages and dozens of pictures